the threshold between photography and film
solo exhibition at the museu de arte de são paulo masp
book: squares of light

the intersections between word and image
curator of the exhibition palavra imágica
museu de arte contemporânea de são paulo mac
catalogue: palavra imágica ( imagic word)

the transparent, colourless and multilingual book
‘les êtres lettres’ is completed

recognized as a german artist by the german authorities

accepts for the first time to represent brazil in an exhibition
text: nowhereland is our commonland
exhibition: configura, erfurt
book: die frage configura, erfurt

exhibition: ‘la suisse ailleurs , autrement’
centre saint gervais pour l‘image contemporaine, genève
prix michael jordi, mention

literaturhaus hamburg / hamburger architectur sommer
orte und nicht-orte
solo presentation of the poem-installation
‘vorstellung eines satzes’

das wort wohnt im hierdort wo wedernoch ist antwort

zirkulär in seiner funktion
quadratisch in seiner darstellung
seine mitte abwesenheit
terra incógnita

haus der kulturen der welt, berlin
closing the cicle ‘europa neu denken’ ( re-thinking europe)
presentation of a solo reading of the multilingual work
‘placenta writing’ and a videopoem compilation program

participates as a german poet in the exhibition
‘haiku and tanka japanese and german poetry’ at the museum
of contemporary poetry in kitakami, japan

goethe institut kansai, osaka and kyoto
solo presentation of films and prints
nowhereland, a project

ludwig forum für internationale kunst, aachen
exhibition: continental shift
participates both as a brazilian and as a japanese artist

museum für völkerkunde, hamburg
solo exhibition of nowhereland japan, prints
kinemathek hamburg / two solo presentations of videofilms
nowhereland, japan

paço das artes, são paulo
solo presentation of ‘splace, episodes of subjective geography’
(episódios de geografia subjetiva)
catalogue: splace

ludwig forum für internationale kunst, aachen
solo presentation of the film ‘political mistakes
episode subjektiver geographie’ from february to april

names the space over the museum weiler-textilgeschichte
in weil am rhein, nowhereland
moves from hamburg dans la region des trois frontières, CH-DE-F

museu de arte moderna, são paulo
solo première of the 16 mm visual translation
'o reino menos o rei', unreleased since 1980

barbican centre, london
cinema of brazil - literature into film
uk première of 'o reino menos o rei'
followed by q & a session

ausstellungsräume auf der lyss, ancient gewerbemuseum, basel
curator of the exhibition l'art ist l'artiste
the exhibition presents about 60 keyworks of 18 members
of the swiss society of women artists, basle section

opens ’la maison de la poésie’ in basel, switzerland
with an exhibition of the sculptor helen balmer
and a presentation of a rare chris marker
film compilation by film author thomas tode

the cinemateca brasileira and the goethe institute sao paulo present
a week long retrospective of betty leirner's films with two daily
sessions comprised of seven alternating programms